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Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law, in Pittsburgh, PA

Elder Law, Wills, Living Wills, Estate Administration, and More

The areas of practice of Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law, in Pittsburgh, PA, cover many important legal aspects. As an attorney focusing on elder law matters, I provide consultations on document preparation. Call us today at (412) 884-7888 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Practice Areas of Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law, in Pittsburgh, PA

I provide services on these practice areas:

These are the documents many recognize for after-death distribution of assets. I offer experience in estate planning, which includes wills. Many factors go into will preparation: whether you are single or married, the types of assets you have, and more. Preparation of a will and other estate documents always requires two appointments and sometimes more.

There are some limits as to the types of assets you can include in a will. Do you have pets or a favorite charity? These things and much more will help you compose an effective and meaningful Last Will and Testament.

These are documents that let someone act on your behalf. A power of attorney, or POA, may permit someone you name to help make medical decisions for a short time if you cannot.

You may want a POA to authorize someone to act on your behalf to handle banking or business matters. Powers of attorney may be limited or durable in length. I can offer advice on the most effective document to meet your needs.

A living will, known as a health care directive, is a document that tells healthcare workers your wishes for end-of-life care. A living will is vital document for a time when you become unable to communicate medical decisions. You make the decisions on the type of medical treatments you would and would not want to use. Having this document ahead of time lets doctors and healthcare providers know your choices. It can include such items as medications for pain management and organ donation.

These are after-death matters that require an attorney’s guidance to ensure proper estate administration. This can include such items as overseeing asset distribution or a trust. We can ensure these duties comply with probate rules and procedures.

Knowing how Medical Assistance works along with Social Security can be a critical area for those living with serious health concerns. This can be important in managing additional diagnoses as we age and try to budget using a limited income. Individuals and couples who carry medical insurance may already know how confusing and stressful it can be.

Medical Assistance, also called Medicaid in some states, helps to pay for healthcare services. Those with a limited income may meet the requirements for medical assistance. Consult with my office about medical assistance today.

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Since 1992, Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law, has served residents of Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, South Hills, and surrounding areas. Offering convenience in elder law and more, we look forward to being your link to the legal community. If you have questions, we encourage you to read more on our FAQs page.

Areas of practice for Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law in Pittsburgh, PA.