Probate and Estate Administration
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For an experienced lawyer who understands probate and estate administration in PA, turn to Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law. My law office in Pittsburgh, PA, has aided and represented many clients through probate and estate administration. Whether you live in Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, South Hills, or the surrounding areas, my office is here for you.

I provide the knowledge and experience to competently guide you through this process. When your loved one dies, it is already a rough time. Let me help you avoid the added headache of navigating probate and estate administration. Call my office today at (412) 884-7888, or contact us online.

What is Probate Court?

Simply put, probate is the process of filing a will and getting an executor appointed.

What is Estate Administration?

Estate administration is the process of collecting and managing a deceased person’s estate. When someone passes away, their possessions, including money, stocks, and real estate, become part of their overall estate. Estate administration also deals with paying off debt and taxes. The person in charge of an estate is called an executor. You will determine who will be the executor.

Let Our Lawyer Help You Navigate the Legal Complexities

When dealing with probate or estate administration, you need a lawyer that can navigate all of the legal complexities involved. As a lawyer serving the Pittsburgh area, you can trust that I offer practical advice and honest assessments. I can also offer education on your  matter to help you make better decisions.

Why let the courts make decisions about your assets and estate when I can advocate for you? My law office always offers personal, caring service, with genuine concern for your well-being and satisfaction. When necessary I offer house calls in the Pittsburgh and South Hills areas.

Our fields of elder law practice include:

Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law, stands ready to help you deal with probate and estate administration in PA.