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Are you looking for a knowledgeable elder law attorney in Whitehall, PA? Then make an appointment with Alan Farber, Attorney at Law. We make sure our clients receive the best legal services and can reassure those managing sensitive matters. My office in Pittsburgh specializes in elder law assistance for residents of Whitehall and surrounding areas.

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We Help Whitehall, PA, Clients with Power of Attorney Documents

A Power of Attorney allows you to appoint an agent to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf. A POA is a document that details actions a family member can perform. I provide document preparation services for powers of attorney and more.

These instruments enable your agent to make banking decisions, sell real estate, file income taxes, manage personal property, and more. A power of attorney becomes effective upon completion. It can continue throughout your life until your agent resigns from the responsibility or you cancel the POA.

Estate Administration Services in Whitehall, PA

When you or a loved one dies, your possessions, including real estate, money, and belongings, become part of the estate. I offer services to aid with estate administration, in Whitehall, PA. This is the process of managing the estate and paying debts and taxes. Estate administration includes distributing property to your heirs according to your will, or the intestacy laws if there is none.

Our Experienced Probate Lawyer is Ready to Represent You

Probate is the legal process in which we legally prove a will in a court. The court accepts it as a valid public document. Whitehall-area residents can trust my expertise in probate matters. I remain up-to-date on probate law and stay in communication with our clients.

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