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For an experienced, skilled lawyer handling wills in the Pittsburgh, PA, area, call Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law. I dedicate my practice to elder law, so you can be sure of my expertise with will preparation. My office helps many clients from Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, South Hills, and the surrounding areas.

Why worry about what will happen to your family and your estate when you are gone? Take matters into your own hands with will preparation. Call my office at (412) 884-7888, or contact us online.

Why Should You Draft a Will?

Why is preparing a will so important? Under Pennsylvania law, if you die without a will, state law will determine how to distribute your assets. One example: If you own property in your name only, without a will your spouse may only receive the first $30,000, plus one half of the remaining estate. The other half of the estate may go to your children.

Not having a will leaves your family in a predicament because your heirs must decide who is in charge of estate administration. A will can set forth who will care for your minor children when you or your spouse pass away. Otherwise, the court determines who cares for the children. When you draft your will, you make the decisions.

Attorney Farber is Here for You and Your Family with Will Preparation

Let my office help you draft your will. I can guide you through intricate legalities of wills, so that there will be no unwelcome surprises later. When necessary I can make house calls in the Pittsburgh and South Hills areas. My experience in will preparation and elder law will be a boon to you and your family. 

Contact our law firm today for a will preparation consultation. We always offer practical advice and honest assessments, paired with personal, friendly service. Attorney Farber always concerns himself with your well-being and satisfaction.

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Trust Alan I. Farber, Attorney at Law, when you need help with wills.